Speakers for DogFoodCon 2018

June 18, 2018



Congratulations to the speakers below for being invited to share their knowledge at DogFoodCon 2018!

– Excel info at this Link

  • We will be notifying you this weekend by PaperCall or e-mail for your confirmation.
  • Speaker who are wait listed will also be notified

Thanks to all who have submitted; I personally wanted to see every session.

The DogFoodCon volunteer team.




Eric Potter
  • Machine Learning the Easy Way: Azure Cognitive Services
Jim Knotts
  • Living The Mobile Life With Microsoft Apps and iOS
Scott Showalter
  • Caring for New Users: Adoption, Onboarding, Permissions, Empty States, Feedback Herding, Friction Mitigation and More!
Brendan Enrick
  • Making Use of New C# Features
Matt Huber
  • Building/selling a MVP! Lessons learned at Wiretap
Vinny VanSlyke
  • Is Switching Careers To IT Really Possible?
Baskar Rao Dandlamudi
  • Web Apps Developer to Mobile Apps Developer using NativeScript
Jane Prusakova
  • Designing Architecture
Ronda Bergman
  • You Will F**k up & that’s Ok (How to be a Male Ally in Tech)
Vince Fabro
  • Advanced IaC with PowerShell and ARM Templates
Heath Murphy
  • A beginner’s first view into Vue.js. Pun intended!
Will Martin
  • How to Implement Data Loss Prevention in Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange
Steve Smith
  • Introducing Domain-Driven Design
Ondrej Balas
  • Building a Blockchain
Ondrej Balas
  • Open Source Game Development in the .NET Ecosystem
Griffin Beyer
  • Cloud Adoption – Prepare for the Moving Target
Brian Dunzweiler
  • Collaboration Tools Overload: Which O365 tool should you use?
Brian Dunzweiler
  • The Pursuit of Common: A look at the Common Data Service for Apps & Analytics
Damian Synadinos
  • More Than That
Jeremy Gray
  • Building a Customer Facing Identity Management System with Azure AD B2C
Joe Spinelle
  • Turning ERP failure to success with Dynamics AX
Ronda Bergman
  • I’d Hire more Women if they Would Apply!
Jessica Katz
  • Transparency: Becoming a Better Window
Izzi Bikun
  • Hacking Confidence: Get the Recognition You Deserve
David Hoerster
  • Functional for the Front-End – Adding Elm to Your Stack
Chad Green
  • From Zero to Serverless
Jeff McKenzie
  • Hey, You Got Your TDD in my SQL DB!
Chad Green
  • Building an Ultra-Scalable API Using Azure Functions Without Too Much Worry
Griffin Beyer
  • OMS – The Path to the Hybrid Cloud
Jane Prusakova
  • Ethics of software development
Chris Woodruff
  • Developing Great Web APIs Architectures with ASP.NET Core 2.1
Chris Woodruff
  • Learning the Language of HTTP for a Better Data Experience in Your Mobile Apps
Chris DeMars
  • Focusing on Focus
Russell Skaggs
  • Building Better Stylesheets with BEMIT
James Hopkins
  • What to expect when adopting Microsoft cloud services
James Timberlake
  • Building Beautiful UI with Xamarin Forms
Drew Furgiuele
  • Understanding SQL Server Execution Plans
Gregory J. Deckler
  • Introduction to DAX
Jeff McKenzie
  • Automating Your Automation: The Care and Feeding of Jenkins
Ricardo Wilkins
  • OneNote – The Missing Manual
Charlotte Chang
  • Agile isn’t a Dirty Word
Peter Shore
  • Analysis Services for the Absolute Beginner
Kevin Feasel
  • A .NET Developer’s View Of The OWASP Top 10
Kevin Feasel
  • Using Kafka for Real-Time Data Ingestion with .NET
Ricardo Wilkins
  • Microsoft Teams – The Missing Manual
Liza Sloan
  • Teams – Mystery History  – The path forward
Brian T. Jackett
  • Dipping Your Toe into Cloud Development with Azure Functions
Chuck Love
  • Unified Support – Microsoft’s New Support Evolution
Jeremy Gray
  • An Azure-Based PaaS Solution for Regulated Workloads
Rob Jones
  • So you’re in the cloud and here come the security threats, what can you do?
Paul Newell
  • Office 365 Security & Compliance Center – Taking the Engineer Out of Data Governance
Bob Hogan
  • Modern Business Applications for Retail featuring PowerApps, Flow, and the Common Data Service
Peter Shore
  • Hello My Friends, Welcome to CosmosDB
David Hoerster
  • Baseball, Actors, and Bots
Eric Potter
  • Finding your place in the Cosmos: When and why you should consider Azure Cosmos DB.
Angela Henry
  • Data Types Do Matter
Drew Furgiuele
  • Building the HASSP: Putting SQL Server In Space
Troy Ault
  • Transformation to the Cloud with SQL Server Managed Instance
Christian Weber
  • Establishing Collaborative Software Communities in the Enterprise
Thomas Haver
  • The Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical
Andrew Griffin
  • Practical API Testing
Thomas Haver
  • Cucumber 3.0 and Beyond
Jerren Every
  • Addition by Abstraction: A conversation about abstraction and dynamic programming.
Mehul Patel
  • Serverless Authentication with JWT
Ashley McGlone
  • Securing PowerShell with Free Techniques
Dave Diehl
  • Holy PowerShell, BATman!
Jamie Phillips
  • Delivering .NET core apps in a snap with Ubuntu Snaps
Bill Curry
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
Wanda L. Scott
  • Listen to Me!  How Women can be Passionate and still Communicate with Power and Clarity
Greg Jankuj
  • O365 Network Readiness
Eric Webb
  • RedHat OpenShift and Containers

Exchange, Sys Admins, Linux, Azure and Active Directory sessions for Dog Food Conference 2017

September 24, 2017


     The 10th Annual Dog Food Conference is on October 5-6, 2017.

The goals have not changed.  Bring Security, Sys Admin and Dev speakers to the Great Lakes region, share best practices and build community.

Attendees take 2 days of their busy work week to join us; we are still grateful year after year to grow the partnership and community.

Big focus this year on PowerShell, DevOps, Linux, Open Source, Azure, Server 2016, Exchange 2016, AzureAD Connect, ADFS, MDM etc.

MDM and Azure AD:

  • As the IT world has evolved to a mobile first and cloud first world, make sure to attend Dan King’s session on MDM to manage iOS and Droid.  There have been improvements with AzureAD with pass-thru authentication (PTA) and Seamless Single Sign-On.

Open Source, Linux and Containers:

  • Don’t miss Keith Mayer’s session lessons learned from the world’s largest Open Source implementations on Azure.

Windows 10 Deployments:

  • Many enterprises are deploying Windows 10.  Chat with Curt Adams on addressing common mistakes, new features and optimizing your deployment.

Server 2016 and Active Directory 2016

  • See what is new with Server 2016 with Jason Condo.  Discuss Active Directory with Joe Kipp.

List of IT Pro topics:




  • Paul Newell, MS

  1. Exchange 2016: What’s New

  • Discussion on the new features of Exchange 2016 broken-down by what is new for organizations running Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.
  • Dan King, MS

  2. Choosing an authentication method for Azure AD (It’s not just for Federation anymore)

  • As of now there are multiple ways to establish authentication to Azure Active Directory from your on-premise AD. In the session we will cover each of the available options and pay particular attention to what Pass-thru authentication provides. We will talk about benefits and limitations of each along with any specific configuration required…particularly with AzureAD Connect.
  • Rick Vanover,   Veeam

  3. ReFS: Is it a game changer

  • Will anything dethrone NTFS? Could it be ReFS? Join Microsoft MVP Rick Vanover to see how this new file system is making waves in the Windows Storage ecosystem. Tips, tricks and use cases that will make the case for ReFS!
  • Keith Mayer, MS

  4. Best Practices for Running Open Source Workloads on Microsoft Azure

  • Linux, containers and clouds, Oh My! Attend this demo-heavy session to learn best practices derived from the world’s largest Open Source implementations on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Jason Condo, Bennett Adelson Consulting

  5. How to properly set up Azure Conditional Access to protect your O365 services and AAD integrated services.

  • There are many prerequisites and technologies needed to get Azure Conditional Access working in an enterprise. In this session, we will talk about how to secure Azure services to your domain joined computers and compliant devices exampled from a deployment for a Healthcare industry customer.
  • Joe Hartsel, Centric

  6. Office 365 – It’s a Journey

  • Deploying Office 365 is a journey that goes beyond buying licenses from Microsoft and giving your employees access. This session focuses on the planning, deployment, adoption, and governance considerations that are critical to deploying Office 365 to securely meet the needs of the organization.
  • Ashley McGlone, Tanium

  7. What?!! See PowerShell and Visual Studio Code on Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Ashley McGlone will live demo writing and running PowerShell scripting on Windows, Mac, and Linux. He will demonstrate remote interactive sessions between the OSes. Learn how to get PowerShell running in your open source, cross-platform world. A PowerShell thrill show!
  • Tameika Reed

8. Using Ansible to Free-IPA (Linux)

  • I will begin with an static setup of the environment using terraform for static setup. Then I will use ansible to into install free ipa.
  • I will cover the basics of ansible and use Centos 7.3 or Red Hat for deployment. This can be done in ASW or Digital Ocean.
  • Warner Moore

  9. Scaling a Company with DevOps

  • Want to implement a tech strategy to enable scale in your organization? This presentation explores tactics for companies from startups to enterprises that can enable a tech platform for scale.
  • Jason Condo, Bennett Adelson Consulting

  10. Windows Server 2016 Overview

  • This release of the OS is dramatically different from prior releases, as it goes well beyond server virtualization, because previously the world has been all about servers. No longer. The cloud wave is underway, and Windows Server 2016 delivers with an amazing amount of modernization.
  • Dan King, MS

  11. Compare Intune Device Management and Application Protection

  • Overview of Intune MDM capabilities

–   Leveraging Intune MDM with Conditional Access

–   Overview of Intune Application Protection Policy

–   Leveraging Intune for BYOD

  • Nishant Shah, MS

  12. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in Office 365

  • We’ll explore Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities of Office 365 to help identify and protect your organization’s sensitive information.
  • Dan King, MS

  13. What’s new and cool in EMS?

  • In this session we will provide an overview of EMS and all of the components that are a part of the suite. We will pay attention to new functionality and to advanced functionality such as Identity Protection (AADIP), Data Classification (Azure Information Protection), and Cloud Application Security (MCAS).
  • Bill Sempf

  14. Looks like rain again: Secure development in the cloud

  • Just because your cloud provider is secure, doesn’t mean the applications that you host there are.
  • Brandon Stephenson, KiZAN

  15. Backups are Not DR

  • Many organizations trust data backups to keep their company running in the event of a disaster. However, a backup strategy is not sufficient to protect a business from a real disaster. In this talk, we will explore why, and what IT Pros need to do to protect their business.
  • Jim Hopkins, Improving

  16. Exchange migration to O 365

  • Best practices for migrating Exchange on-premises to O 365
  • Joe Kipp, KiZAN

  17. What’s New with Active Directory in Windows Server 2016

  • We’ll take some time to explain the new features that Windows Server 2016 brings to AD so that you can get started on your Windows Server 2016 AD deployment sooner than later.
  • Mike Austin, MS

  18. Office 365 – What New

  • Since the release of Office 365, Microsoft has continued to add additional value by adding new workloads to Office 365. This talk will go over what is included in each of the Office 365 offerings to help you choose the right license for your organization.
  • Curt Adams, KiZAN

  19. Lessons from the field, Windows 10 deployment

  • While Windows 10 imaging and deployment processes share many similarities with previous Windows OS’s, the devil is in the details. We will explore managing new features, addressing common mistakes, and leveraging optimal deployment solutions to ensure a smooth transition for users and IT alike.

Open Source, Red Hat integrated support and WordPress at Dog Food Conference 2016

October 2, 2016



Register for Dog Food Conference 2016 here.

As a systems administrator in the late 90s in southern California; I administered what my companies had implemented. Even though I was primarily a Windows, Novell and messaging administrator; I did daily tasks with AIX and AS/400 for many years. Most of the marketing departments used Apple desktops and Adobe products. Creativity was THE capital there; IT departments supported Apple desktops, period.

After joining Microsoft, I was attending an internal MS conference called TechReady in 2003. My teammate was a developer; and he was talking about a “Mono” session he attended. He thought it had the potential to be a game changer and went into details about the open source project. I found the PowerPoint from the session; and I was very interested. This technology later became Xamarin. I have respect and curiosity of many technologies; as disruption in IT is a constant.

Fast forward 13 years, and it is new a Microsoft. WordPress, Drupal, Red Hat hosted on Azure, PowerShell going Open Source, SQL on Linux, Xamarin etc.. The DogFoodCon speakers are consultants, MS program managers and passionate “geeks” from all over the country. The advantage of a conference is bringing people together in person; so I encourage you to talk with the speakers before or after their sessions.

As in year past; there will be many sessions on Windows 10, SQL, Dynamics CRM, .Net, TFS, Office 365, Azure, SharePoint and PowerShell

Some sessions I would like to highlight:




  • Jen Anderson, Red Hat
  • Abirami Iyer, MS
  • Single Sign on (SSO), Ticket Exchange, Co-Located Support Engineers, Integrated support operations and Governance model between Red Hat and Microsoft.
  • Deep-dive on lessons learned, customer feedback, trends, troubleshooting demo and best practices for using RHEL on Azure.
  • Jack Sinclair, MS
  • He has been working with Drupal, WordPress and Joomla since 2005.





Lastly I would like thank Cassandra Faris, Tony Milne and Trey Mayer for organizing the Dog Food Conference the last 2 years.  Any questions, please e-mail DogFoodCon@outlook.com.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference!

Dog Food Conference Corp, a 501 (c) 6 non-profit.

Thank You all Dog Food Conference attendees!

October 12, 2015


** Meant to post before Dog Food 2015, apologies as this was written in the context from Dog Food 2008 – 2014**

Picture below: Travis Swank presenting on Unified Communications


Thank You Dog Food Conference attendees!!

You have taken off from work, met with us, brought your passion, curiosity and positive attitude. You make Dog Food Conference such an amazing gathering. Being an Ohio native and Midwest homer, I have been honored to chat with you in the hallways and listen to your feedback. It was humbling to see attendees from Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and all points in Ohio. The conference has grown; in 2008 there was 150 people for one day to 800 people over two days in 2014

I will be taking a break from organizing the Dog Food Conference for a couple of years. Cassandra Faris, Tony Milne, Trey Mayer, Mike Austin, Mario Fulan, Andrew Sloan and Bill Walker will now be running Dog Food 2015 going forward. The team has brought new energy, relationships and ways for it to evolve and stay relevant.

Huge thanks to DeVry University for giving us the space for free; we could not have founded the conference without you, PERIOD. From the beginning in 2008, we focused 100% on content, passionate speakers and relevant sessions. Two of classrooms fit only 10 people; but the topics were well received and let us cram in many sessions in the Microsoft & DeVry building

There were 2 main goals. One was to bring the speakers, best practices and product overviews to you once a year; versus traveling to the traditional conference locations of Orlando and Vegas. The other goal was to give back in knowledge and empower the 52 state agencies I covered in Ohio and Kentucky. Brian Cassidy, myself and Tony DiTullio made it a goal to over-educate and build trust with our awesome customers.

As I with Microsoft in 2008, I would go to training 2 weeks a year and my brain was crammed with ideas to share. It was challenging to have strategic discussions on the entire MS stack to my customers who located over 2 states. I feel that Dog Food accelerated these strategic IT discussions and had positive impact from IT product to community solution.

Moving Dog Food 2014 to a conference center was a financial risk, as the budget had tripled and asking for funds Dog Food was at an increased focus( Read: Tin cupping with huge amounts of desperation, guilt, reverse psychology, crying etc..and being a complete pest to MS partners) We somehow pulled it off in 2014. It ran in the red, we paid a portion out of personal funds and we learned how to better plan finances for next year.

For the conference going forward, change is the only thing that is permanent. Dog food will always have the Windows Server, Office 365, System Center, SharePoint, Dynamics, Skype, SQL, .Net and BI topics. I predict to see more sessions on Docker, Xamarin, ASP.NET 5.0, Adobe Creative Cloud, Chef, Suse Linux, and integration with iOS, Android with open source .Net.

Interesting points from Redmond magazine:

The Proof of the Software Pudding

Don’t believe me? Look at what Microsoft has been doing. In the year-and-a-half since Nadella has taken over as Microsoft’s CEO, the company has gone full throttle in its embrace of the open source community. Among some examples:

· Microsoft is in the process of supporting Docker containers and Kubernites container management on Windows and Azure.

· Azure clearly has become a multiplatform cloud. Indeed, 25 percent of Azure virtual machines (VM) are now running Linux. In addition, Azure now supports five Linux servers as VMs: CoreOS, CentOS, Oracle Linux, SUSE and Ubuntu.

· Windows gurus Mark Russinovich and Jeffrey Snover had starring roles at the recent Chef Software Inc. ChefConf 2015.

· Last year’s open sourcing of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

· Support for Android emulation in Windows.

· Microsoft hasn’t joined the Linux Foundation… yet. But, it has joined many open source consortiums such as: AllSeen Alliance, Internet of Things (IoT), OpenDaylight, software-defined networking; and the R Consortium, R language development. Microsoft also financially supports the Apache Software Foundation.



With the growth, Dog Food Conference was established as a 501 (C) 6 non-profit in 2014. So if you see more legal mumbo jumbo & tighter financial control, it was everyone’s best interest to protect all parties with more corporate structure and liability protection.

Thanks again to all attendees for coming year after year; we appreciate the trust and partnership! I am humbled and grateful to be part of the IT community and to build trust with so many of my former customers! It was always the attendees that made it a great conference.

~Danilo Casino, Dog Food co-founder

Dog Food 2015 and Sessions for IT Pros: ITIL, PowerShell, PKI and ADFS

October 2, 2015


Mario Fulan presenting at Dog Food 2009


     Dog Food Conference 2015 is back this year on October 7 and 8, 2015.  As always there a many sessions for systems administrators, PowerShell enthusiasts and IT Pros. 

Register at www.DogFoodCon.com, there are still tickets left!

Key sessions for IT Pros:

1. Windows 10 end user analytics

     a. Tal Klein

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/maximizing-your-windows-10-investment-with-assessment-telemetry-and-end-user-analytics/

2. Web Security, Whey the web is broken

     a. Bill Sempf

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/why-the-web-is-broken/

3. Azure Infrastructure as a Service

     a. Tony Sims

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/azure-iaas-for-it-pros/

4. ITIL 101, just the facts ma’am

     a. Amber Wilson

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/itil-101-just-the-facts-maam/

5. PKI for Server 2012 R2

     a. Daniel Benway

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/deploying-a-2-tier-offline-root-internal-pki-with-iis-cdp-on-2012-r2/

6. ADFS & Azure

     a. Dustin Eastman

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/why-pay-for-federation-when-it-can-be-free/

7. PowerShell, desired state configuration

     a. Mr. Ashley McGlone

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/top-five-questions-customers-ask-about-powershell-desired-state-configuration/

8. Hyper V, migrating from VMware to Hyper V

     a. Andy Syrewicze

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/migrating-from-vmware-to-hyper-v-for-vmware-professionals/

9. Always on Automation with PowerShell

     a. Troy Ault

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/always-on-automation-with-powershell-modules/

10. Leave the file share, and join the enterprise content revolution

     a. Ryan Dennis

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/leave-the-fileshare-and-join-the-enterprise-content-revolution/

11. PowerShell for your SharePoint tool belt

     a. Brian Jackett

     b. http://dogfoodcon.com/Session/powershell-for-your-sharepoint-tool-belt/

We hope to see you there!

CIO, IT manager, CRM and PMO sessions at Dog Food Conference 2014

September 1, 2014




     As any conference organizer will attest to; it is always a nice milestone to see the agenda for the Dog Food Conference to be finished. (Speaker conflicts do arise, so check the agenda before the conference)

     A goal of the Dog Food is for companies and organizations to leverage their MS and MS partner investments. We received feedback last year; that many of the sessions were too technical for IT managers and CIOs. 

     I wanted to highlight some sessions that CIOs, IT Managers, Project Managers should attend.

1. What is your Customer Hub? An overview on how to use Dynamics CRM to create a holistic overview of your customer relationships and to build trust, Bob Hogan.

2. Driving Value with Microsoft Premier Services in your IT organization for on premise and Office 365, Andrew Sloan.

3. Ten Non-SharePoint technical issues that can doom your implementation, Robert Bogue.

4. Detecting data loss is only half the story. Protecting information is the missing piece, Debra Banning.

5. Innovation empowering creativity, Mary Kaufmann.

6. Using Dynamics CRM to deliver a person-centered solution, Venu Edupuganti and Matt Curren.

7. Accelerating agile deployment by rethinking enterprise QA, Ben Blanquera.

8. Social collaboration with Yammer, Mike Austin.

9. Managing Dynamics ERP and CRM implementations, Diane Alsing.

10. How Veeam listens to the community. If it doesn’t exist, make it. Our path to innovation, Rick Vanover.

11. Project Server Resource Capacity Planning for Matrixed Organizations, Sean Pales

12. Next Generation Intranet – A Catalyst for Employee Engagement & Innovation, Joe Hartsel

     I wanted to say thank you to all the talented people who submitted talks this year. We had the most ever submissions in the history of the conference. The track owners were humbled with all the excellent submissions from around the country. As of September 1st, 2014; there are tickets remaining so please register soon!

      IT is still a contact sport and will always be built on relationships; so please come up and introduce yourself to me at the conference. As we stated many times over the last 6 years; there would be NO Dog Food Conference without the attendees!  See you there!

AvePoint presenting at Dog Food Conference 2013

October 18, 2013


AvePoint is honored to sponsor & speak at Dog Food Conference 2013



Stephen Hines, AvePoint Technical Solutions Professional will be presenting the following 3 topics over the 2 days:

Stephen Hines AvePoint


1. AvePoint Compliance Guardian: 

a. http://www.avepoint.com/compliance-guardian/

b. PII scanning for File shares, web apps and SharePoint, Federal 508 compliance


2. SharePoint Governance Automation:

a. http://www.avepoint.com/sharepoint-governance-automation/

b. With Governance Automation, organizations can provide Microsoft SharePoint as a service by automating the way users request configurable services including, but not limited to, the following offerings:

               i. SharePoint Content Management

               ii. SharePoint Permissions Management

               iii. SharePoint Provisioning

               iv. SharePoint Lifecycle Management

3. DocAve Administrator: Policy Enforcer, SP admin and content manager

a. http://www.avepoint.com/sharepoint-administration-docave/#

  1. Ensure all sites remain within policy and under control by monitoring your sites around the clock, automatically adjusting settings and configurations across existing environments
  2. Control features, permissions, and settings by utilizing more than 20 configurable rules, built from our collaboration with more than 10,000 customers worldwide
  3. Customize to your evolving information architecture by building your own rules and integrating them into more than 40 different event triggers using our Software Development Kit (SDK)

We hope to see you there!

Dog Food Conference 2013

  • The Dog Food Conference was founded in 2008, held at the Microsoft and DeVry University building in Columbus, Ohio. It has grown each year; and it is organized by community driven volunteers.
  • There will be overviews on Office 365, Azure, System Center, SQL, .NET, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint .NET, Team Foundation Server, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, ALM, Windows Server, Hyper V, Lync, Project Server, Yammer and Exchange.
  • Why we call it the Dog Food Conference, a slang IT term. The idea is that if the company expects customers to buy its products, it should also be willing to use those products.