Speakers for DogFoodCon 2018

June 18, 2018



Congratulations to the speakers below for being invited to share their knowledge at DogFoodCon 2018!

– Excel info at this Link

  • We will be notifying you this weekend by PaperCall or e-mail for your confirmation.
  • Speaker who are wait listed will also be notified

Thanks to all who have submitted; I personally wanted to see every session.

The DogFoodCon volunteer team.




Eric Potter
  • Machine Learning the Easy Way: Azure Cognitive Services
Jim Knotts
  • Living The Mobile Life With Microsoft Apps and iOS
Scott Showalter
  • Caring for New Users: Adoption, Onboarding, Permissions, Empty States, Feedback Herding, Friction Mitigation and More!
Brendan Enrick
  • Making Use of New C# Features
Matt Huber
  • Building/selling a MVP! Lessons learned at Wiretap
Vinny VanSlyke
  • Is Switching Careers To IT Really Possible?
Baskar Rao Dandlamudi
  • Web Apps Developer to Mobile Apps Developer using NativeScript
Jane Prusakova
  • Designing Architecture
Ronda Bergman
  • You Will F**k up & that’s Ok (How to be a Male Ally in Tech)
Vince Fabro
  • Advanced IaC with PowerShell and ARM Templates
Heath Murphy
  • A beginner’s first view into Vue.js. Pun intended!
Will Martin
  • How to Implement Data Loss Prevention in Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange
Steve Smith
  • Introducing Domain-Driven Design
Ondrej Balas
  • Building a Blockchain
Ondrej Balas
  • Open Source Game Development in the .NET Ecosystem
Griffin Beyer
  • Cloud Adoption – Prepare for the Moving Target
Brian Dunzweiler
  • Collaboration Tools Overload: Which O365 tool should you use?
Brian Dunzweiler
  • The Pursuit of Common: A look at the Common Data Service for Apps & Analytics
Damian Synadinos
  • More Than That
Jeremy Gray
  • Building a Customer Facing Identity Management System with Azure AD B2C
Joe Spinelle
  • Turning ERP failure to success with Dynamics AX
Ronda Bergman
  • I’d Hire more Women if they Would Apply!
Jessica Katz
  • Transparency: Becoming a Better Window
Izzi Bikun
  • Hacking Confidence: Get the Recognition You Deserve
David Hoerster
  • Functional for the Front-End – Adding Elm to Your Stack
Chad Green
  • From Zero to Serverless
Jeff McKenzie
  • Hey, You Got Your TDD in my SQL DB!
Chad Green
  • Building an Ultra-Scalable API Using Azure Functions Without Too Much Worry
Griffin Beyer
  • OMS – The Path to the Hybrid Cloud
Jane Prusakova
  • Ethics of software development
Chris Woodruff
  • Developing Great Web APIs Architectures with ASP.NET Core 2.1
Chris Woodruff
  • Learning the Language of HTTP for a Better Data Experience in Your Mobile Apps
Chris DeMars
  • Focusing on Focus
Russell Skaggs
  • Building Better Stylesheets with BEMIT
James Hopkins
  • What to expect when adopting Microsoft cloud services
James Timberlake
  • Building Beautiful UI with Xamarin Forms
Drew Furgiuele
  • Understanding SQL Server Execution Plans
Gregory J. Deckler
  • Introduction to DAX
Jeff McKenzie
  • Automating Your Automation: The Care and Feeding of Jenkins
Ricardo Wilkins
  • OneNote – The Missing Manual
Charlotte Chang
  • Agile isn’t a Dirty Word
Peter Shore
  • Analysis Services for the Absolute Beginner
Kevin Feasel
  • A .NET Developer’s View Of The OWASP Top 10
Kevin Feasel
  • Using Kafka for Real-Time Data Ingestion with .NET
Ricardo Wilkins
  • Microsoft Teams – The Missing Manual
Liza Sloan
  • Teams – Mystery History  – The path forward
Brian T. Jackett
  • Dipping Your Toe into Cloud Development with Azure Functions
Chuck Love
  • Unified Support – Microsoft’s New Support Evolution
Jeremy Gray
  • An Azure-Based PaaS Solution for Regulated Workloads
Rob Jones
  • So you’re in the cloud and here come the security threats, what can you do?
Paul Newell
  • Office 365 Security & Compliance Center – Taking the Engineer Out of Data Governance
Bob Hogan
  • Modern Business Applications for Retail featuring PowerApps, Flow, and the Common Data Service
Peter Shore
  • Hello My Friends, Welcome to CosmosDB
David Hoerster
  • Baseball, Actors, and Bots
Eric Potter
  • Finding your place in the Cosmos: When and why you should consider Azure Cosmos DB.
Angela Henry
  • Data Types Do Matter
Drew Furgiuele
  • Building the HASSP: Putting SQL Server In Space
Troy Ault
  • Transformation to the Cloud with SQL Server Managed Instance
Christian Weber
  • Establishing Collaborative Software Communities in the Enterprise
Thomas Haver
  • The Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical
Andrew Griffin
  • Practical API Testing
Thomas Haver
  • Cucumber 3.0 and Beyond
Jerren Every
  • Addition by Abstraction: A conversation about abstraction and dynamic programming.
Mehul Patel
  • Serverless Authentication with JWT
Ashley McGlone
  • Securing PowerShell with Free Techniques
Dave Diehl
  • Holy PowerShell, BATman!
Jamie Phillips
  • Delivering .NET core apps in a snap with Ubuntu Snaps
Bill Curry
  • The Power of Positive Thinking
Wanda L. Scott
  • Listen to Me!  How Women can be Passionate and still Communicate with Power and Clarity
Greg Jankuj
  • O365 Network Readiness
Eric Webb
  • RedHat OpenShift and Containers