Exchange, Sys Admins, Linux, Azure and Active Directory sessions for Dog Food Conference 2017

September 24, 2017


     The 10th Annual Dog Food Conference is on October 5-6, 2017.

The goals have not changed.  Bring Security, Sys Admin and Dev speakers to the Great Lakes region, share best practices and build community.

Attendees take 2 days of their busy work week to join us; we are still grateful year after year to grow the partnership and community.

Big focus this year on PowerShell, DevOps, Linux, Open Source, Azure, Server 2016, Exchange 2016, AzureAD Connect, ADFS, MDM etc.

MDM and Azure AD:

  • As the IT world has evolved to a mobile first and cloud first world, make sure to attend Dan King’s session on MDM to manage iOS and Droid.  There have been improvements with AzureAD with pass-thru authentication (PTA) and Seamless Single Sign-On.

Open Source, Linux and Containers:

  • Don’t miss Keith Mayer’s session lessons learned from the world’s largest Open Source implementations on Azure.

Windows 10 Deployments:

  • Many enterprises are deploying Windows 10.  Chat with Curt Adams on addressing common mistakes, new features and optimizing your deployment.

Server 2016 and Active Directory 2016

  • See what is new with Server 2016 with Jason Condo.  Discuss Active Directory with Joe Kipp.

List of IT Pro topics:




  • Paul Newell, MS

  1. Exchange 2016: What’s New

  • Discussion on the new features of Exchange 2016 broken-down by what is new for organizations running Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013.
  • Dan King, MS

  2. Choosing an authentication method for Azure AD (It’s not just for Federation anymore)

  • As of now there are multiple ways to establish authentication to Azure Active Directory from your on-premise AD. In the session we will cover each of the available options and pay particular attention to what Pass-thru authentication provides. We will talk about benefits and limitations of each along with any specific configuration required…particularly with AzureAD Connect.
  • Rick Vanover,   Veeam

  3. ReFS: Is it a game changer

  • Will anything dethrone NTFS? Could it be ReFS? Join Microsoft MVP Rick Vanover to see how this new file system is making waves in the Windows Storage ecosystem. Tips, tricks and use cases that will make the case for ReFS!
  • Keith Mayer, MS

  4. Best Practices for Running Open Source Workloads on Microsoft Azure

  • Linux, containers and clouds, Oh My! Attend this demo-heavy session to learn best practices derived from the world’s largest Open Source implementations on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.
  • Jason Condo, Bennett Adelson Consulting

  5. How to properly set up Azure Conditional Access to protect your O365 services and AAD integrated services.

  • There are many prerequisites and technologies needed to get Azure Conditional Access working in an enterprise. In this session, we will talk about how to secure Azure services to your domain joined computers and compliant devices exampled from a deployment for a Healthcare industry customer.
  • Joe Hartsel, Centric

  6. Office 365 – It’s a Journey

  • Deploying Office 365 is a journey that goes beyond buying licenses from Microsoft and giving your employees access. This session focuses on the planning, deployment, adoption, and governance considerations that are critical to deploying Office 365 to securely meet the needs of the organization.
  • Ashley McGlone, Tanium

  7. What?!! See PowerShell and Visual Studio Code on Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Ashley McGlone will live demo writing and running PowerShell scripting on Windows, Mac, and Linux. He will demonstrate remote interactive sessions between the OSes. Learn how to get PowerShell running in your open source, cross-platform world. A PowerShell thrill show!
  • Tameika Reed

8. Using Ansible to Free-IPA (Linux)

  • I will begin with an static setup of the environment using terraform for static setup. Then I will use ansible to into install free ipa.
  • I will cover the basics of ansible and use Centos 7.3 or Red Hat for deployment. This can be done in ASW or Digital Ocean.
  • Warner Moore

  9. Scaling a Company with DevOps

  • Want to implement a tech strategy to enable scale in your organization? This presentation explores tactics for companies from startups to enterprises that can enable a tech platform for scale.
  • Jason Condo, Bennett Adelson Consulting

  10. Windows Server 2016 Overview

  • This release of the OS is dramatically different from prior releases, as it goes well beyond server virtualization, because previously the world has been all about servers. No longer. The cloud wave is underway, and Windows Server 2016 delivers with an amazing amount of modernization.
  • Dan King, MS

  11. Compare Intune Device Management and Application Protection

  • Overview of Intune MDM capabilities

–   Leveraging Intune MDM with Conditional Access

–   Overview of Intune Application Protection Policy

–   Leveraging Intune for BYOD

  • Nishant Shah, MS

  12. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in Office 365

  • We’ll explore Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities of Office 365 to help identify and protect your organization’s sensitive information.
  • Dan King, MS

  13. What’s new and cool in EMS?

  • In this session we will provide an overview of EMS and all of the components that are a part of the suite. We will pay attention to new functionality and to advanced functionality such as Identity Protection (AADIP), Data Classification (Azure Information Protection), and Cloud Application Security (MCAS).
  • Bill Sempf

  14. Looks like rain again: Secure development in the cloud

  • Just because your cloud provider is secure, doesn’t mean the applications that you host there are.
  • Brandon Stephenson, KiZAN

  15. Backups are Not DR

  • Many organizations trust data backups to keep their company running in the event of a disaster. However, a backup strategy is not sufficient to protect a business from a real disaster. In this talk, we will explore why, and what IT Pros need to do to protect their business.
  • Jim Hopkins, Improving

  16. Exchange migration to O 365

  • Best practices for migrating Exchange on-premises to O 365
  • Joe Kipp, KiZAN

  17. What’s New with Active Directory in Windows Server 2016

  • We’ll take some time to explain the new features that Windows Server 2016 brings to AD so that you can get started on your Windows Server 2016 AD deployment sooner than later.
  • Mike Austin, MS

  18. Office 365 – What New

  • Since the release of Office 365, Microsoft has continued to add additional value by adding new workloads to Office 365. This talk will go over what is included in each of the Office 365 offerings to help you choose the right license for your organization.
  • Curt Adams, KiZAN

  19. Lessons from the field, Windows 10 deployment

  • While Windows 10 imaging and deployment processes share many similarities with previous Windows OS’s, the devil is in the details. We will explore managing new features, addressing common mistakes, and leveraging optimal deployment solutions to ensure a smooth transition for users and IT alike.